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Rajecka Valley - Rajecké Teplice and surroundings

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For a long time the valley of Rajec, surrounded with rock cliffs of Stražov dolomite hills or with high mountain massif of Malá Fatra, has been attractive for tourism and walking. In the middle of this valley town Rajecké Teplice has come into its being. This town is also named as the town of spa or spa town because of its springs of water with salubrious effects. The first writing document about this town is from the year 1376. Today this town has about 3000 living people.

Now is the town Rajecké Teplice for people from Žilina and from wide surrounding a place for relax. You have opportunity for boating on a lake. In the middle of this lake there are fountains and also restaurant named Rybárska bašta which is built direct above water-level. There is also swimming-pool named Laura with 2 pools with thermal water, there are seven tennis courts, fitness centrum, minigolf and place for football players. Parks are noted for flora which is a not common for our man and that is why this flora is making a festive atmosphere. You can also make late evening walks under nice decorative lights.

Today a visitor of Rajecké Teplice is leaving this place with persuading that he or she will come back into this beautiful nature scenery soon, because he or she is leaving the place which regenerates body and soul and gives opportunities for people in every age to take so much physical and psychical powers.

Map of the valley of Rajec
Map of the valley of Rajec